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Moutohora Room


Whakaari Room


Putauaki Room


Tarawera Room

New Born - 2 Years Old

  • Rhymes, songs/ waiata music - confidence to sing songs and experiment with musical instruments

  • Dance/kani/kani - for exercise, balance, and movement Art - to encourage the expressive child to evolve

  • Outside adventure – for children to discover the natural environment

  • Puzzles - to promote problem solving and manipulation

  • Story time - to create warm and loving moments as well asdeveloping vocabulary

  • Picture books - to show girls, boys, men and women in different roles, animals from around the world as well as cultural differences

  • Deck play – to discover and extend construction and role play situations

2 - 3.5 Years Old

  • There is an indoor outdoor flow to meet the needs and requirements of all the tamariki with ample outdoor space.

  • Teachers follow the interests of each child and build on a love of learning.

  • Teachers know each child well which develops a lasting trust and friendship.

  • Meal times are a social time for all as well as a time for food behaviour and education.

  • Children from this room enjoy waiata, roleplay, art, imaginary play, gardening, sports, storytime, swimming and so much more on a daily basis.

3.5 Years Old +

  • Children will experience a wide variety of activities, both familiar and unfamiliar, that extend their learning, and knowledge, while being fun and challenging.

  • Our aim is to inspire and awaken in your child desires to be inquisitive, to learn and explore.

  • We as teachers are guided by the play-based curriculum of Te Whaariki, empowering children to become well rounded happy-individuals.

  • Children learn through play and real life experience is important for their learning and development.

Get Ready For School

  • The purpose of this learning environment is to prepare children for the transition to school.

  • The teaching within this room incorporates elements from Steiner Education as well as elements from the Montessori Philosophy.

  • Preparation for writing, reading, language and mathematics are all enhanced through these methods.

  • The support for literacy, numeracy, science and the arts follows on from what is offered in the Putauaki, Whakaari, and Moutohora Rooms.

  • Lessons are planned and structured to include mat times and table top learning.

  • A selection of tools that are placed around the classroom are changed to suit each focus.

  • Numbers are limited to 6 children per session to maximize the learning.

  • As we are concentrating on such an important event, the transition to school, we focus on the oldest children in the Putauaki room being invited to join the Tarawera sessions first.

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