Core Values

"Our Mission is to nourish our seeds to grow as life-long learners with Positive Mind, and Grit"

  • Whanau/Family:        

Parents are the children's first teachers. A strong working relationship

alongside parents/whanau is essential to to children's wellbeing and

enhances their early education (Whanau tangata).

We respect children's rights and who they are. We will treat all people

how we would like to be treated. We will respect and value our

learning environments (Ngāhononga).

  • Respect:                

This is how children make sense of the world, with their experience

they learn (Mana aoturoa). "Learning is an experience. Everything

else is just information." (Albert Einstein)

  • Exploration:

The Seedlings team are passionate about creating and enhancing

exciting learning opportunities and inspiring lifelong learning (Ako).

  • Passion:

Seedlings Preschool will always provide a natural classroom without

walls and ceilings for children to explore and adventure freely while 

developing an ethic of care (Kaitiakitanga) for the environment. 

  • Natural Environment:

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