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 Our beliefs:

  • The environment is well resourced to meet all development needs of our young tamariki.

  • A setting that allows teachers to nurture and build trusting relationships is vastly important for the child’s whole development.

  • Relationships are built with whanau to ensure that all routines already in place are followed and adhered to, to create a consistent and familiar routine.

  • Breast feeding is encouraged and a warm welcoming environment is in place for mother and baby at all times.

  • Close supervision is apparent throughout the day to ensure safety requirements are met as well as ensuring that any health changes are noticed promptly and acted upon immediately.

  • Our tamariki are immersed in an environment that promotes our countries dual heritage so language, words, waiata, stories are evident throughout the daily programme.

The Programmes in place

  • Rhymes, songs/ waiata music - confidence to sing songs and experiment with musical instruments

  • Dance/kani/kani - for exercise, balance, and movement

  • Art - to encourage the expressive child to evolve

  • Outside adventure – for children to discover the natural environment

  • Puzzles - to promote problem solving and manipulation

  • Story time - to create warm and loving moments as well asdeveloping vocabulary

  • Picture books - to show girls, boys, men and women in different roles, animals from around the world as well as cultural differences

  • Deck play – to discover and extend construction and role play situations

Moutohora Room Routine

7.30 The room is open and set for the day. Familiar, relaxed routines for feeding, toileting and nappy changing routines for each child are displayed on the main board and adhered to. In between the children’s routines much learning and developmental aims are worked towards through active participation in activities during the day.

The building of relationships starts here with the teacher and child and extended upon throughout their time within the Moutohora Room.

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