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 Our beliefs:

A taste of everything

  • Children learn through play and real life experience is important for their learning and development.

  • All children deserve to be listened to, treated with respect, and receive the best education which we can provide, regardless of gender, cultural, or economic background.

  • We also believe that we need to be lifelong learners so continue to research up and coming new philosophies and ways of learning to fully benefit each and every individual tamariki.

  • We believe in communicating with each child, how fantastic and unique they are, while encouraging them to believe in themselves always, and to constantly strive to be all they want to be in life. 

Tarawera Room:

  • In the Putauaki Room the children will experience a wide variety of activities, both familiar and unfamiliar, that extend their learning, and knowledge, while being fun and challenging.

  • Our aim is to inspire and awaken in your child desires to be inquisitive, to learn and explore.

  • Philosophers that empower our thinking are Montessori, Steiner, Emilia, Vygotsky, Piaget and Bronfenbrenner…

  • We as teachers are guided by the play-based curriculum of Te Whaariki, empowering children to become well rounded happy-individuals

  • The purpose of this learning environment is to prepare children for the transition to school.

  • The teaching within this room incorporates elements from Steiner Education as well as elements from the Montessori Philosophy.

  • Preparation for writing, reading, language and mathematics are all enhanced through these methods.

  • The support for literacy, numeracy, science and the arts follows on from what is offered in the Putauaki, Whakaari, and Moutohora Rooms

  • The class follows a focus decided by the children to follow the emergent curriculum.

  • Lessons are planned and structured to include mat times and table top learning.

  • A selection of tools that are placed around the classroom are changed to suit each focus.

  • Numbers are limited to ten children per session to maximize the learning.

  • As we are concentrating on such an important event, the transition to school, we focus on the oldest children in the Putauaki room being invited to join the Tarawera sessions first.

  • A roster is displayed for all to see so everybody is aware of their allotted space.

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